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Series of 1928B $1 Silver Certificate Star Notes - Values and Pricing

The series of 1928B $1 star note falls somewhere in the middle in terms of rarity for the 1928 one dollar silver certificate star series.

A circulated 1928B one dollar star note should cost around $40.  You will have to spend at least $400 to get a choice uncirculated note or better.  We don’t know exactly how many 1928B star notes were printed, but certainly fewer than ten million were issued.

Series of 1928B $1 star notes were printed between February 1932 and March 1933.  These dates coincide with when WO Woods and Ogden L Mills were in office together.

All 1928B one dollar silver certificate star notes feature a portrait of George Washington at center and a blue seal on the left hand side of the note.  All 1928B $1 silver certificate star notes are known as “funnybacks.”  They get this name from their distinctive back design.

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