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Currency with Serial Number Ending in All Zeros - Values and Pricing

There is no name for a piece of currency with a serial number that starts with a nonzero but ends with all zeros.  However, despite the lack of a clever name, these notes are rare and valuable.

Example of a Trailing Zero:  C40000000B
Not a Trailing Zero:  K00600000A

We will call these “trailing zeros.”  These trailing zeros are so rare because only one in every 10 million pieces of currency printed has the chance to end with seven zeros.  It can be very challenging to put a set together of a 1 through 9 trailing zero set.  Needless to say, something like A90000000A will be rarer than A10000000A.  This is simply due to the fact that not every block of currency is going to print 90 million pieces of currency.

These notes are generally tough to value because you don’t see them very often.  Please contact us for exact pricing if you have a note with seven trailing zeros.  You will likely be pleased with our offer.