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Value of 1902 National Currency

All 1902 national currency will say “series of 1902” in the upper right corner under the serial number.  1902 national currency was not necessarily printed in 1902, but rather the date below the name of the bank will give you a better idea of when the bank first issued 1902 currency.  Some currency was printed as late as 1929.  1902 National Bank Notes can be broken down into two basic designs, red seals and blue seals.   Ben Harrison, William McKinley, Hugh McCulloch, John Sherman, and John J Knox are featured on the $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills, respectively.  There is no simple answer to the question how much is 1902 currency worth.  What 1902 national currency is worth will depend on how rare the bank is that issued the 1902 currency.  The values can range widely, please email us and tell us about your 1902 national currency and we can advise further on value.


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