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How To Describe The Condition Of Old Currency 

We frequently talk to people who are not familiar with the hobby and they don’t know what makes a note qualify as being in uncirculated condition.  We have a guide here about the technical grading of paper money, but we wanted to briefly discuss the topic here as well. 

One description we hear a lot is “everything is readable.”  If a note was undecipherable it would not be collectible.  Readability has nothing to do with grade.  We are well aware that it is very difficult for a novice to analyze the intricacies of paper money grading.  However, if describing a note, instead of assigning an arbitrary opinion like “decent” shape or “normal wear” try to take it step further.  Consider the number of folds, take a look at the corners, check for pinholes.  The more accurately and technically you can describe a note the more seriously you will be taken.  If you can describe a note like a professional while you are taking bids for a sale – you will 100% of the time be offered more money.  When possible include pictures.  admin@oldcurrencyvalues.com