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Radar Serial Numbers on Currency - Values and Pricing

A radar serial number note contains a serial number that reads the same backwards and forwards.  As you can probably guess, they get the term radar associated with them because they are technically just palindromes.

Example: A57100175B

A radar exists for one out of every ten thousand notes printed.  They really aren’t rare, and they typically don’t command much of a premium.  A choice uncirculated $1 note from a modern issue that is a radar would probably sell for around $25.

Radars are boring on common modern issues; however, there are not too many radar serial numbers known to exist from earlier issues (pre-1958). 

Radar serial numbers can get slightly more interesting even for modern issues.  There are ladder radars, A12344321A.  There are repeater radars, A22444422A.  I personally wouldn’t recommend building a collection around radars because they are printed every day and are quite lame in some cases.  However, it never hurts to get an interesting serial number when you need a common note anyways.

We are especially interested in buying radar notes that are not federal reserve notes.  However, we would be happy to take a look at anything and everything you have available for sale.