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Oversized Ten Thousand Dollar Bills - A Guide With Values

The only $10,000 bill affordable or available to the average collector is from the series of 1900.  All other ten thousand dollar bills are held by government institutions or they are simply not yet known to exist, period.

There are plenty of fake $10,000 bills though.  If you have an 1878 ten thousand dollar bill and it is black and white, smaller than today's money, and laminated - then it is fake.  In fact all 1878 $10,000 bills have been redeemed - there are no authentic examples left to be found.  If you have a 1918 $10,000 bill and the serial number is B1A, B420A, D1A, L204A, or L1957A, then what you have is fake.  All of those serial numbers are held in museums.

However, despite the fact that $10,000 bills are scarce, it does not mean that there are not authentic examples waiting to be found.  $10,000 was a true fortune back 100 - 150 years ago when these were circulating.  It was close to impossible to have $10,000 in a single bill.  An authentic $10,000 bill (not from 1900) will be found in private hands, and we want to hear about it.

We do purchase oversized ten thousand dollar bills.  Send us an email to admin@oldcurrencyvalues.com for more information on your exact bill.

Click on your exact dollar bill.  Be sure you select the correct year.  Several $10,000 bills have similar designs.


1878 $10,000 United States Note

1882 $10,000 Gold Certificate

1900 $10,000 Gold Certificate

1918 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note