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Oversized One Thousand Dollar Bills - A Guide With Values

One thousand dollar bills are extremely rare.  Very few were printed and only a few hundred are known to exist today.  Oversized $1000 bills were only printed for about 60 years.  Despite the small printings, many different series were issued.  Silver certificates, gold certificates, legal tenders, treasury notes, federal reserve notes, national bank notes, and interest bearing notes were all printed and some of these are very iconic.  

Our guide below shows all of the designs that are known to exist.  Some designs represent more than one year - so focus more on the image rather than the year.

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One Thousand Dollar Interest Bearing Note


One Thousand Dollar Interest Bearing Note

1862 One Thousand Dollar Legal Tender

First Charter $1000 National Bank Note

One Thousand Dollar Legal Tender Note
1869, 1878, 1880

One Thousand Dollar Silver Certificate
1878 & 1880

1882 $1000 Gold Certificate

1890 One Thousand Dollar Treasury Note

1891 $1000 Silver Certificate

1891 $1000 Treasury Note

One Thousand Dollar Gold Certificate
1907 & 1922

1918 $1000 Federal Reserve Note