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Colonial Currency from the State of Connecticut - Values and Pricing

Connecticut first began to issue colonial currency in 1709.  As you might expect, something that old is rare and early colonial paper money from Connecticut can be valuable.  Anything from Connecticut that was printed before 1770 has the potential to be rare.

July 1, 1780 marked the end of colonial currency issues for Connecticut.  In all, there were about 240 different types and denomination of Connecticut colonial currency issued.

*** If your colonial currency from Connecticut is for Ten Shillings and it is from the date of June 1, 1780 and it has the serial number 11259 then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value ***

When dealing with Connecticut colonial currency, it is very important to understand the difference between canceled and uncanceled.  Any money that has holes punched in it or slashes through it has been canceled and is only worth a fraction of what a non-canceled issue is worth.

Please contact us with pictures of your colonial currency from Connecticut.  We can identify if the currency is a rare variety and we can make an offer to purchase it.  admin@oldcurrencyvalues.com