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Binary Serial Number on Currency - Values and Pricing

True binary serial numbers are very easy to understand; they consist only of the numbers one and zero.

Example: A00100011A

These notes are called binaries because of their connection to binary code.  Binary code uses combinations of ones and zeros to represent other numbers (if I understand correctly).

There is a large group of collectors out there who do specialize in binary serial numbers.  It is popular to try to collect all combinations of ones and zeros possible. 

Some people consider something like A95559955A to be a binary because it consists of just two numbers.  Most collectors would term such a serial number a repeater and not a binary.  However, everyone would recognize that serial number as collectible.

We do absolutely buy binary serial number notes.  Many factors come into play when valuing binaries, so contact us now so we can make an offer on what you have.