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Series of 1934A $5 North Africa Star Notes - Values and Pricing

Surprisingly, the series of 1934A $5 North Africa silver certificate is the toughest to acquire for the North Africa star note series.  That doesn’t mean that it is at all rare or exceptionally expensive.  1934A $5 North Africa star notes typically cost about $100 more than ones and tens in the same circulated conditions.

Based on Bureau of Engraving and Printing records, we know that exactly 100,000 series of 1934A $5 North Africa star notes were printed.  All of these will have serial numbers that begin with a solid star and end with the letter A.  The official print run starts at *01548001A and ends with *11016000A.  Sadly, there are no low serial numbers out there to class up these stars even further.

The 1934A five dollar North Africa star note should cost about $200 in circulated conditions.  A nice high end XF will cost closer to $450.  Uncirculated examples are going to have a wide price range between 63 and higher grades.

We are aggressive buyers of all series of 1934A $5 North Africa star notes.  Please contact us and tell us what you have.