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Series of 1928 $20 Gold Certificate Star Note - Value and Pricing

Series of 1928 $20 gold certificate star notes are hotly collected and always in demand.  Based on known serial number ranges, it appears that just under 500,000 1928 $20 gold star notes were printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 

To my knowledge, there is no pack fresh source for 1928 $20 gold certificate star notes.  Most collectors have to settle for a circulated 1928 $20 gold star, or be patient and wait for a high grade example.

A circulated 1928 $20 gold certificate star note should generally cost around $500.  As condition goes up, so do the prices.  The twenty and ten dollar denomination of 1928 gold star notes are really the only two affordable denominations.  It is rather cheap and fun to pair a $20 gold certificate with its star counterpart.

We are aggressive buyers of all series of 1928 $20 gold certificate star notes.  Please let us know what you have so that we can make an offer.