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Twenty Dollar Bills from 1950 to Present - Values and Pricing

Any twenty dollar bill from 1950 or newer is basically going to just be worth the face value of $20 dollars.  You have to remember that hundreds of millions of twenty dollar bills have been printed since 1950.  Modern twenty dollar bills are much too common to be collectible, and they probably always will be common.

There are some things that can make 1950 and newer $20 bills command a small premium.

If your twenty dollar bill has a fancy serial number then it could have more value.

If your twenty dollar bill is misprinted then it could have more value.

If your twenty dollar bill is a star note then it could have more value.

If you have a consecutive run of 50 or more twenty dollar bills then they could carry a small premium.

In 1996 the twenty dollar bill was redesigned.  The "new" $20 bills are commonly called big head twenties.  As such, any twenty dollar bill printed between 1928 and 1993 is called a small face twenty.  Despite looking antique to younger members of society, "small face" twenties rarely sell for more than the face value of $20.