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Series of 1934 $10 North Africa Star Notes - Values and Pricing

The series of 1934 $10 North Africa silver certificate star notes if one of the classic rarities in all of small size United States currency.  Please don’t confuse the 1934 North Africa ten with the much more common 1934A.  Refer back to the 1934 $10 page for tips on how to spot a real 1934 $10 North Africa note.

All 1934 $10 North Africa silver certificates are mule notes.  Until recently it was thought the 1934 $10 North Africa star note was completely unique.  While that is no longer true, there are still less than a half dozen notes available for collectors.

We don’t know just how many 1934 $10 North Africa star notes were printed, but here are some of the known serial numbers:


Due to the close resemblance of 1934 $10 North Africa stars to 1934A stars, it seems likely that there are probably a couple more 1934 star notes hiding in collections of unaware casual collectors and the general public.

We are aggressive buyers of all series of 1934 $10 North Africa star notes.  Please contact us and tell us what you have.  You will likely be very pleased with our offer.