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Series of 1928 Gold Certificates - Values and Information

Series of 1928 gold certificates were printed for the ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, five thousand, and ten thousand dollar denominations.

The portraits on the 1928 gold certificates are the same as the regular small size issues.  As you might expect, rarity increases with the face value.  While there are records that five thousand and ten thousand dollar notes were printed for the 1928 gold certificate series, none are known to exist today, which likely means that none actually entered circulation.

A denomination set of 1928 gold certificates is easy to complete for the one hundred dollar and lower denominations.  Five hundred and thousand dollar 1928 gold certificates are certainly available; however, their entry price points are much higher.

If you don’t want to collect the whole series, you can still very affordably purchase any ten or twenty dollar gold certificate and buy a star note of the same series to go with it.

Series of 1928 gold certificates appeal to collectors for a couple of reasons.  The notes have brilliant gold overprints that are always striking even in a circulated state.  Furthermore, gold certificates were only printed and circulated for one series year.  The year 1928 saw green seals, red seals, blue seals, and gold seals all enter circulation.  This is the only year possible to put together that four color combination set.

Click on a note below to learn more about each 1928 gold certificate.  Also, don’t forget to check out the 1928 gold certificate star guide here.

 Series of 1928 $10 Gold Certificate


 Series of 1928 $20 Gold Certificate


 Series of 1928 $50 Gold Certificate


 Series of 1928 $100 Gold Certificate


 Series of 1928 $500 Gold Certificate


 Series of 1928 $1000 Gold Certificate