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Series of 1928 $100 Gold Certificate - Value and Pricing

Series of 1928 $100 gold certificates are a refreshing change from the dime a dozen green seal and brown seal notes of the same era. 

3,240,000 series of 1928 $100 gold certificates were printed.  Today a nice looking circulated 1928 $100 gold certificate will set you back around $400.  However, it is tricky to price choice uncirculated examples.  1928 $100 gold certificates that have been graded by a third party as 63 or higher will start at $3,000 and move up from there.

Circulated $100 gold certificates can be bought at will, but it takes time to find the right uncirculated 1928 $100 gold seal with centering and paper quality.

Star notes are especially coveted from this series.  Learn more about 1928 $100 gold certificate star notes here.

We are aggressive buyers of all series of 1928 $100 gold certificates.  Please let us know what you have so that we can make an offer.