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1928F Five Dollar Red Seal Star Note - Values and Pricing

Series of 1928F red seal five dollar star notes come in three different varieties.  Expect to pay less than $50 for a 1928F in circulated condition.  Even really nice 1928F red seal star notes shouldn’t cost much more than about $150.  Uncirculated 1928F five dollar star notes will command more than $150 if they are graded by a third party.

There are two rarer 1928F red seal variety stars.  All we can say is that if you have a 1928F red seal five dollar star note, just go ahead and send us a high resolution scan or digital photo of the front and back of the note and we can check to see if it is the rare 1928F.  The rarity is related to whether or not an embellishment in the engraving is narrow or wide.  It is easy to spot, but hard to explain.

All 1928F red seal five dollar star notes have to have a serial number that begins with a solid red star, contains eight numbers, and ends with the letter A.  The seal on the left hand side of the bill will be in red.  Red writing was also used for the serial number and star symbol on the bill.  All 1928F fives were printed in Washington DC and have a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.  1928F five dollar star notes were signed by Georgia Neese Clark and John W Snyder. 

We are interested in purchasing series of 1928F five dollar red seal stars, especially in high grades or rare varieties.  Please send us an email (preferably with pictures) and tell us what you have so that we can make an offer:  admin@oldcurrencyvalues.com