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1928E Five Dollar Red Seal Star Note - Values and Pricing

1928E five dollar red seal star notes are right in the middle of the seven note series in terms of rarity.  Three notes are rarer, and three notes are more common.  A circulated 1928E five dollar star note should cost you less than $150.  A really pretty 1928E red seal star note should cost you more than $250.

There is one big exception to the rule here.  1928E five dollar red seal star notes that are also mule notes are exceedingly rare, to the point that there are only a couple known to exist.  If you have a 1928E five dollar star note, please send a high resolution scan of the front and back of the bill.  We can let you know if it is a mule and we certainly hope it is.

As with all red seal five dollar star notes, the serial number has to begin with a solid red star, contain eight numbers, and end with the letter A.  The seal on the left hand side of the bill will be in red.  Red ink was also used for the serial number and star symbol.  All 1928E fives were printed in Washington DC and feature Abraham Lincoln as the portrait.  1928E five dollar red seal star notes were signed by W.A. Julian and John W Snyder, as The Treasurer of The United States and The Secretary of The Treasury respectively

We do purchase all series of 1928E red seal star notes.  Please send us an email and tell us what you have.  If possible, try to go ahead and include a scan or digital photo of the front and back of the bill so we can check to see if it is a mule:  admin@oldcurrencyvalues.com