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1928A Five Dollar Red Seal Star Note - Values and Pricing

The series of 1928A red seal five dollar star note is the key to the seven note series.  1928A star notes are actually quite available; however, they are very rare in uncirculated grades.

A heavily circulated series of 1928A red seal five dollar star note can be bought for less than $200.  Lightly circulated 1928A star notes will typically bring around $500.  There is a huge price jump between lightly circulated and choice uncirculated or better as graded by a third party.  1928A stars in uncirculated grades are few and far between.  Be ready to write a check for a mid-four figures amount in order to obtain a 64 or higher 1928A five dollar star note.

The rarity of the 1928A five dollar red seal star bill directly relates to the short period of time 1928A star notes were printed and to the total number of star notes printed.  No one knows for sure how many 1928A five dollar star notes left the presses.  However, the total number was likely less than 500,000.

All 1928A red seal five dollar star notes have to have a serial number that begins with a solid red star, contains eight numbers, and ends with the letter A.  The seal on the left hand side of the bill will be in red.  Red writing was also used for the serial number and star symbol on the bill.  All 1928A fives were printed in Washington DC and have a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.  1928A five dollar star notes were signed by WO Woods and Ogden L Mills.

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